Facilities, Present &Future, Governance, and Funding


It has been the long term wish of the Australian Iranian community that the property used by the organisation be owned by the House of Persia Community and Cultural Centre. The ownership of the facility will encourage and give more reasons for financial participation by the community members, and where under the control or ownership of HOPE, it will be managed by the Australian Iranian Society of Victoria (AISOV) for the benefit of the wider community.

“House of Persia” will be a public institution established by the first generation of Iranian migrants and it will be a GIFT to the future generations of Australian Iranians as well as the broader Australian community as a Cultural Community Centre.. “House of Persia” will be established in such a way that it would be able to operate under any social, economical and political climate of the time. It will be a true “Culture and Community House “, immune of changing time and functioning for decades and centuries to come promoting Inter-cultural Arts and enhancing Social Harmony by appreciation of diversity and understanding, as well as being a facility for provision of welfare programs for all ages and all sectors of the community.


In 2013 a residential property was purchased (110 Williamsons Road Doncaster ) to serve as the first property owned by House of Persia for the purpose of offering its cultural and community programs .Subsequently application were made to the City of Manningham to operate the place as a community centre..Application was successful and permission was granted. The property has been remodelled and renovated such that it can be used as a place of assembly for the following purposes:

- It will be used as a centre to initiate and manage arts and cultural projects as well activities dealing with general community matters.

- A small library will be established to hold art and culture related books purchased by HOPE or donated by members of the community

- A section of the House will be devoted to create a gallery space where art and crafts pieces can be put on display for introduction and promotion of Persian Culture to the broader community.

- Classes and seminars will be held on different aspects of Persian arts and culture such as calligraphy, mosaics and ceramic making,

- Classes and seminars will be held for the benefit and well being of elderly people and also other interested members of the community on yoga, Tai chi, calligraphy, traditional music, cooking and poetry

- It will be used as a gathering place for elderly people for daily social and cultural activities. Seniors from broader Australian community will be welcome.


For this phase of the project we will be looking for a piece of land of one acre size (4000 to 5000 square meters) on which House of Persia can be built with its unique architectural design. The building will be able to accommodate large community gatherings for various cultural celebrations, library, and art galleries and rooms for various seminars. In addition the building will facilitate gatherings of senior members of the community. The building is expected to have a total floor area of 800 to 1000 square meters. Whilst the building will be designed considering main aspects of sustainability and conservation, it will also reflect some artistic aspects of Persian architecture.

The outdoor area will facilitate space for about 80 cars and also some sport grounds. Through proper landscaping, a pleasant environment will be created utilising native Australian vegetations. A small area will be also designated to create a “Persian Garden” by utilising creative combination of landscaping, flower beds, and with water ponds and fountains.


House of Persia Cultural and Community Centre (HOPE) is a non-political, not religious and not for profit organization which operates under a Committee of Management elected by its members. Later the organisation will be operating as a Trust and having a Board of Trustees.

All properties owned or under the control of HOPE will be managed by AISOV to facilitate the delivery of cultural and welfare programs in the community.

Sources of Funding

Funds will be raised by promotional activities through the Australian Iranian community as well as the wider community. Opportunities provided by the local, state and federal governments offering grants compatible with the aims and objectives of House of Persia Community and Cultural Centre will also be utilised.

Major grants are usually available for capital expenditure to build a new facility or to refurbish an existing one. In these schemes which are for regional developments, the government usually matches the funding put forward by the community. The main condition is that no funding is provided to buy the land – where the land must be owned by the community at the time of application. These capital funding are also available to construct new buildings or refurbishment of an existing one if the property is leased by the community for long term (50 years+).

Present Assets and Financial Planning

In the past few years, through fund raising activities by our community we have been able to generate considerable amount of money which has been invested in the property which is a house located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne(110 Williamsons Road, Manningham ) . The house is being remodelled and renovated to serve as our House of Persia Community and Cultural Centre.

The house was bought for just over $1 million .The value of the property at the present market value is about $1.7 million Australian Dollar. The community owes to the bank just $500,000Aus dollars at the moment. The payment of the mortgage to the bank and other expenses results at a total cost of $30,0000 Australian per annum. At the moment this is paid by fundraising activities of the community, new memberships as well as revenues from the Persian Fare.


NOTE: Owning the property, we will then be eligible for government grants which are provided to help with the construction of new buildings and or renovation of existing buildings to make it possible to use them as community centre. These grants are usually in the form of Dollar for Dollar, i.e. one dollar community and one dollar government. However the property should be owned by the community at the time of application.