Our Current House of Persia

The House of Persia(HOPE) Community and Culture Centre located at 110 Williamsons Road Doncaster is a secular and not for profit community centre. The Centre was established to strengthen the bonds between Victoria's growing population of Iranian-Australians and the wider community, while also addressing social welfare issues and promoting environmental awareness.

Specifically, the centre will run events and programs designed to:

  • Serve as a cultural bridge between Iranian-Australians and the Victorian public by showcasing Persian art and culture, as well as introducing Australia's significant history of artistic achievements to newly-arrived migrants.
  • Provide assistance and support to vulnerable groups such as isolated elderly populations and newly-arrived migrants
  • Achieve environmental harmony by promoting conservation, use of renewable energy and recycling within the community. 

How the HOPE Centre will be used

  • As a gathering place for elderly people from all parts of the Australian community for daily social and cultural activities.
  • Classes and seminars, such as yoga, Tai Chi, calligraphy, music, cooking and poetry will be held for elderly members of the community.
  • A library will be established to hold both Persian and Australian art and culture books.
  • The building itself will be used as a showcase of sustainability, with best practice conservation, recycling and renewable energy generation in place.
  • The Centre will also host a gallery and exhibition space for arts and crafts.

All of these facilities and programs will be available to House of Persia members, as well as members of the public who respect the rules and regulations of the Centre.

An initiative of the Australian Iranian Society of Victoria (AISOV)
The House of Persia is an initiative of the Australian Iranian Society of Victoria, the peak body representing Victoria's 40,000+ Iranian community. The centre is owned by HOPE which is an incorporated association (2006) and is managed by AISOV .