Our Partner Organisations

At times, House of Persia forms partnership with other organisations and community groups on projects related to art and culture and community services. Followings are some of the examples of joint projects with other cultural and community organizations.

Partnership with State Library of Victoria

House of Persia assisted State Library of Victoria (SLV) to organise and deliver the very successful Love and Devolution Exhibition in 2013.In this project a large number of rare Persian books of art and literature were exhibited for 5 months .As part of this exhibition ,House of Persia organised a Persian Cultural Day Over at SLV .Over one hundred volunteers representing House of Persia worked at the Cultural Day and also Love & Devotion exhibition .This exhibition was visited by over 100,000 people . (Please also see http://exhibitions.slv.vic.gov.au/love-and-devotion and  http://exhibitions.slv.vic.gov.au/love-and-devotion/persian-cultural-crossroads-conference)

Partnership with Local Governments

House of Persia joins forces with local governments in organizing and delivering art and culture, and other community projects in areas of mutual interest. Some examples are as follow:

Persian Fair: This is a yearly event which has been organized in partnership with by local governments (City of Yara and City of White Horse) since 2013.In these Fairs which are usually visited by several thousand people different aspects of Persian art and Culture are exhibited through dance, music, food, seminars and displays. Please also see  http://persianfair.tumblr.com/


Partnership with Iranian Cultural School

Since its establishment House of Persia has been collaborating with Iranian Cultural Scholl which is another not for profit organization on matters related to introduction of Iranian Language and Iranian Art and Culture to the young members of Iranian Australians and also members of the broader Australian Community interested in Persian Language art and Culture. 

Iranian Cultural School


OTHER Partners