Policies and Procedures

Conditions of access and use of Hope Centre

General remarks: All members of the community observing following Rules and Regulations will be welcome to use the HOPE Centre facilities.


1. All individuals (members and non-members) must abide by the centre’s safety and emergency procedures.

2. Everyone using the Centre must respect the basic principle that HOPE is not a religious and not a political organisation.

3. Everyone must be respectful to others and conduct in a manner that is socially proper.

4. HOPE Centre is alcohol and smoke free venue and use and consumption of any banned substances in the Centre is strictly prohibited.

5. Whilst there is no dress code, however any visitor must dress appropriately – and entry to the centre during official meetings with shorts and sandals are prohibited.

6. Visitors are expected to maintain the standard housekeeping and cleanliness at the centre and when using any of its facilities or equipment.

Management reserves the right to deny entry to the Centre by individuals or groups in contravene with the above rules and / or its charter